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MPS has been offering publishing solutions for over 30 years to some of the biggest names in publishing. We allow you and your team to concentrate on the important functions of your business, while you rely on us to create accurate and skillfully produced content that’s ready be delivered to your customers.

Editorial Services

MPS offers both onshore and offshore copyediting, proofreading, and indexing services as well as a hybrid model that combines the best of onshore capabilities with the advantages of an India-based process. Our editorial team has varied specializations and skills designed to meet the disparate needs of our customers, from journal editing to editorial proofreading for school books.


Onshore Editing

MPS has onshore editorial hubs all over North America. Using both in-house staff and a large and varied pool of experienced freelancers, we are able to handle almost any type of book or journal that requires native language skills and local knowledge.

In addition to English-language onshore editing, we also offer onshore editorial services for books or journals in several European languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, and Italian.
All our freelancers undergo rigorous testing to become certified MPS freelancers.

STM and Humanities Editing

Our copy-editors are experts in their chosen areas of specialization. Many have earned postgraduate degrees or PhDs. In addition to deep subject knowledge, our editors have the language skills to handle material written by authors who are not native English speakers.

For our journal editors in particular, the focus is on a swift turnaround time. They must edit, style, and structure an article in just a couple of days. DigiEdit, an intuitive online editing tool, helps the book or journal copy editor achieve this speed without compromising quality. DigiEdit is an online smart editing tool with an underlying XML base and rich editorial functionalities. The tool automates many of the most time-consuming editorial tasks, such as standardizing UK/US spellings and ensuring consistent use of hyphens. DigiEdit is integrated with third-party databases such as Cross-Ref and PubMed, which helps the editor structure references and apply the relevant styles, thereby ensuring a higher quality of editing.

Customer requirements vary greatly, which is why we split our editors into small client-specific teams whenever possible. This ensures that each editor is fully conversant with the house style, level of edit, and any other specific needs of the publisher.

MRW Editing

Editing major reference works (MRWs) presents significant style challenges. MRW editors make use of DigiEditto help ensure consistency across what can be multiple volumes running to hundreds of pages each, creating a title-specific macro based on each of the required style points.

Editorial Proofreading

MPS also offers an editorial proofreading (EPR) service for all types of books. Depending on a client’s need, this can involve a simple cold read of an edited text or a more detailed proofread of the typescript, by which both the layout of the text and the content are checked.


MPS has an in-house team of qualified subject indexers and a large and diverse group of onshore and offshore freelancers for all types of book and journal indexing. Our indexers are subject-matter experts with several years of experience and, in most cases, ASI (American Society of Indexers) certification. They are well equipped to create an index that meets the requirements of both the publisher and the author in terms of style, structure, and the formatting of items such as cross-references and locators.

As well as full–subject indexing, we also offer a page-locating service for authors who prefer to provide headwords themselves. Our team is also able to index legal material such as legal treatises and textbooks.

We use leading indexing software, Cindex, which helps with sorting, alphabetization, and style-defining, thereby speeding up the process and eliminating errors.

A comprehensive QA checklist and QA report help us maintain a high level of quality on every single index.

Project Management

Our in-house team of experienced publishing professionals integrates with the content creation team to bring our clients’ products to market. Our content project managers are skilled in managing content for the full range of deliverables—from digital only products, to custom publishing, to on-line learning assets and print products. Working closely with our clients, our team creates the project plan, coordinates the schedules, monitors and communicates project status and budgets, provides solutions to project challenges, and ensures timely delivery of exceptional products. MPS offers an Indian-based project management service, as well as a US-based project management service. US project managers work with the production team in India for cost-efficiency.

Full—Service Project Management

Our project managers act as the voice of the client through the course of the project and ensure that projects exceed client expectations for quality, budget, and time. MPS’s project management team exhibits the strength and leadership skills needed to guide every project to successful completion. Decades of experience contribute to their ability to focus on the daily tasks of monitoring budgets, optimizing workflows, adhering to schedules, and engaging in creative problem solving.

Whether immersed in a full-service, multi-grade, multi-component program with overreaching vendor communication responsibilities or meeting the challenge of high-priority, turnkey projects, the MPS project managers are ready to partner with your team to push your project over the finish line.


Journal Project and Issue Management

MPS can handle your journal articles right from the moment your editors approve an article for publication. We are experienced in working with large online manuscript sites to validate and collect an article after peer review and upload it to your own content management system (CMS). We work with your CMS as we guide the article through the editing and production process, keeping your production editors constantly updated on the article’s progress. Our team handles all author communication and mastercopy or proof collation, and once the article is completed we can also publish it online for you.

The project manager can take care of the running order of each issue based on your annual schedule, making sure to balance the mix of articles in the issue before sending it to the production editor and the printer.

Book Project Management

MPS offers both partial and full-service project management for book and major reference work (MRW) projects. Both types of project managers handle your book at all stages of the production process, but our full-service option offers you additional support by taking on all communication and co-ordination with your books’ authors and editors.

Each title is assigned to a single project manager to simplify co-ordination and communication. Our project managers are proactive, calling or emailing you or your authors whenever questions arise and working with you to resolve each query and issue. They have sufficient technical and production knowledge to address routine queries and, where needed, co-ordinate internally to find the solution.

Rights and Permissions

MPS Rights and Permissions experts are skilled in all aspects of research, clearance, and copyright law. We work as team members with our customers, providing personalized service and offering solutions to complete projects successfully.

Rights and Permissions Services

Permissions management and acquisition is an MPS feature service. Our mission is to be a true partner, providing our valued clients with excellent service and solutions in all areas and phases of the permissions process. Our experts are skilled in all aspects of research, clearance, and copyright law. We specialize in sizable, complex projects and small, quick-turnaround assignments in all disciplines. We work with publishers and individual authors, focusing on our customers’ requirements and budgets while managing schedules for on-time completion.
New technologies and customer demand for access to content on multiple platforms have made the permissions process more complicated than ever, resulting in publishers implementing expansive rights policies to maintain marketability of their products in all territories and platforms.

We offer the following personalized services:

  • Attentive manuscript assessment and page-by-page review of current edition products, followed by skillful permissions clearance.
  • Creative research, providing quality, attention-grabbing images and multimedia content.
  • Proficiency in understanding and obtaining comprehensive, cross-platform rights.
  • Comprehensive analysis of broad-rights shortfalls and recommendations for alternative solutions.
  • Knowledgeable, professional researchers adept at working within all budgets and schedules.
  • Expert analysis of third-party material, providing solutions for problematic content.
  • Investigative research to identify and locate correct copyright owners.
  • Detailed reporting, customized to clients’ stipulations.
  • Exemplary communication with customers during all project stages.
  • Extensive training in creating textual adaptations and redrawn figures and illustrations to avoid necessitation of permissions clearance.
  • Skillful review and understanding of contract terms that may affect our clients’ goals, such as authorization to assign, transfer, or revert rights; force majeure; exclusivity clauses; and situs of agreement clauses.
  • Typical project detail management tasks such as high-res obtainment, metadata documentation, invoice processing, and page review.

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