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MPST Service Portfolio


  • In-house software development division for publishers powered by 300+ experienced developers and dedicated client support teams that provide 24/7 application and user support
  • Rich history of developing and implementing various software programs with multiple publishers, allowing us to commit to aggressive timelines without compromising on the depth of the solution
  • Significant investments made in the last few years to upgrade platforms and integrate them in the cloud
  • A platform business that has proven to be the fastest growing part of our business
  • Scalable platforms that can be extended to all stakeholders, including authors, editors, production managers, and suppliers
A. Digicore : Smart, cloud-based digital publishing platform
  • Workflow driven with different stakeholders working collaboratively
  • Configurable end-to-end workflow
  • Integrated digital asset management
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Integrated workflow management

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B. MPSInsight : Empowering publishers and librarians with powerful content usage analytics

An intelligent, cloud-based platform that allows users to access and analyze content usage dynamically.
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C. ScholarStor : Content delivery platform for publishers

A cloud-based HTML5 solution for scholarly content that empowers publishers to manage and render content across multiple channels.
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D. MPSTrak : Dynamic cloud-based workflow and content management platform for books, journals, and reference works

Provides the workflow and content management tools and operational agility required for constantly evolving editorial and production processes in a rapidly changing publishing world
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E. MPSScholarlyStats : Empowering Libraries with powerful content usage analytics

MPSScholarlyStats is a proven usage analytical tool that provides librarians the ability to make data-driven decisions. With its help the libraries can validate existing content subscriptions, analyze content inventory, and choose and acquire new content.

  • Consolidated data from 165+ platforms of sources covering journals, databases, ebooks, and bundles, all in one place
  • Make better-informed purchasing by the help of Cost Per Use report
  • Integrate stats with ERM systems, with the help of platform SUSHI service
  • Get updated consolidated report every month in latest COUNTER format (COUNTER release 4)
  • Consolidation service supports all type of COUNTER reports
  • Get instant overview of institutional stats with simple data driven graphs
  • Fetch Multi-Year Stats with the help of Dynamic Reporting Tool

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F. ContentStore : Drive eBook sales across platforms

A hosted eBook delivery and distribution platform with features for converting, showcasing, marketing, and distributing content in multiple ways.
Drives eBook sales over the web and mobile platforms including iOs, Android, and web apps.
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Custom Software Development and Application Support

MPS Technologies is a strategic business unit of MPS, which has more than 300 technology associates focused on software development, testing, and integration services for publishers. We provide custom technology services all along the author-to-reader value chain, from content submission to editorial, production, hosting, and analytics to order and cash systems.

MPS helps publishers effectively manage their application portfolio through customizable solutions. A full 100% of our customers testify to our commitment and our ability to deliver on what we promise. They renew their relationships with us year after year.

Application Maintenance and Support

To remain competitive, publishers must be sure that their applications are working effectively and efficiently to support all their unique business requirements. MPS offers a full range of application maintenance and support services to ensure business continuity and long-term value.

Custom Application Development

More publishers today are looking for custom solutions to support their individual business needs. MPS is a leader in helping publishers stay on the cutting edge by developing robust applications that are scalable, secure, and easily maintained MPS’s technical and deep domain expertise enable us to build custom software solutions for leading publishers, such as Wiley, Springer, Macmillan, and Elsevier throughout the author-to-reader value chain.

  • Application development/re-engineering/integration
  • Application portfolio optimization
  • Application management and support
  • Application user interface design and cloud enablement
  • SOA, working on legacy applications
  • Independent verification and validation
  • Business intelligence
  • Migration services
  • Application QA, both manual and automated
  • Server virtualization, infrastructure support
Areas of Expertise
    • Workflow management solutions
    • Business rules management solutions
    • Repository consolidation
    • Integration, API development
    • Web services
    • Analytics
    • Content hosting platforms
Technology Stack
  • .NET, Java,J2EE, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Grails
  • Struts, Hibernate, Spring
  • MySQL, SQL Server
  • Marklogic , MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Solr, Lucene
  • Alfresco, Documentum, Jahia
  • BIRT, Crystal, JASPER
Server Virtualization and Infrastructure Support

MPS’s Infrastructure Services unit has managed IT infrastructure operations for more than 50 customers, including nearly 20 complex IT transformations and millions of critical devices and issues. We have expertise in providing infrastructure management on AWS, and currently all our proprietary platforms and custom services run on AWS with data centers in Virginia and Sydney.

A transparent partner, we deliver value through several outcome-based business models as well as best practices and tools that can transform your infrastructure and architecture to keep pace with changing business demands.

Why MPS Technologies

MPS enjoys a reputation as a trusted partner :

  • Tailors solutions to address your pain points
  • Provides a true partner experience through flexible engagement models
  • Provides an IT managed services model to integrate IT operations management
  • Offers mature and proven frameworks and methodologies for operations and transformation
  • Seamlessly transitions from incumbents by taking up multiple complex IT operations and global footprints with zero business disruption in transition of services
  • Draws on relationships with technology and support organizations to bring customers the best combination of cost and capability
  • Helps customers meet any IT budget
  • Focuses on improving infrastructure processes and deploying innovative ideas to continuously improve IT operations

We empower our clients with transformational value by leveraging our proven deployment techniques and industry best practices to create change-the-business, run-the-business, and cross-functional IT solutions.

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