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Delivering value to publishers across the digital publishing value chain

Who We Are

With the publishing ecosystem transitioning rapidly from print-only to digital-also, digital-first, and digital-only scenarios, the significance of digital solutions in publishing has increased exponentially. MPS has established its niche in this innovative area through its Digital Solutions division. We deliver the entire spectrum of smart digital solutions, with a special focus on developing enhanced eBooks that deliver an enriched digital experience through extensive interactive elements, by ensuring accessibility compliance, and incorporating creative designs.

Delivering a wide range of digital solutions across the publishing industry and related verticals, this division of MPS has seamlessly edged out competition since its conception in 2002 and is now the preferred content partner of iBookStore and digital publishing platforms such as Inkling Habitat, Sandbox, and VitalSource.

What We Do

We excel in providing the complete package of standard and value-added XML solutions for books, journals, and magazines; multi-format and multi-featured eBook creation; and a wide array of other digital publishing solutions. Our team of experts specializes in offering customized solutions that leverage technology to deliver flexibility across all levels of complexities.

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The Team

Our team of experts delivers the innovative technology, creative design, efficient project management skills, and all the agile human–machine partnership required to exceed the digital requirements and expectations of the industry. From project management and technology to production and quality management, the digital solutions team at MPS places quality, timeliness, cost savings, and client satisfaction at the top of their priority list.

The Team

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