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Integrating Subject Matter Expertise with Digital Learning


Portfolio of Solutions – Pre-K to 12


MPS incorporated MPS North America, LLC, a wholly owned US subsidiary, in May 2013. MPS North America has made three acquisitions in the content creation and development arena: Element LLC, Electronic Publishing Services Inc., and TSI Evolve Inc. These acquisitions have been neatly integrated into MPS`s global operations and work closely with our clients to develop market-leading products across the publishing sphere.

Content Development

MPS’s talented content development team partners with leading educational publishers to create engaging content for print and digital delivery. Our experts in math, English language arts and reading, science, history, social studies, and world languages understand the complexities of multiple-component programs and have extensive experience developing. managing, and merging new and legacy content. Our multilingual staff and dedicated world languages department develop teacher and student editions for a wide range of languages, bilingual editions, and translations and adaptations. Translation is an art, and we have the resources you need to create a masterpiece.

Our content creation and development services include the following:

  • Writing student materials, teacher editions, and ancillaries for print or digital products.
  • Developing content according to scopes and sequences; course and learning objectives; and state, national, and ELD standards.
  • Working in content management systems.
  • Developing interactive and multimedia activities.
  • Writing video and audio scripts.
  • Scaffolding to enhance adaptive learning.
  • Creating formative and summative assessments, including SBAC, PARCC, Next Generation, and Common Core.
  • Copyediting and proofreading for print and digital products.
  • Editing video scripts, audio scripts, and text-to-speech materials.
  • Fact checking and accuracy checking.
  • Performing QC checks and proofreading of print and digital products.
  • Coding content for custom publishing, multi-platform delivery, and ADA compliance.

Design and Composition

Our domestic design and composition services provide a baseline for offshore page building. All components are reviewed from both the technical and design aspect, ensuring the highest quality work.

From concept to construction, our design team develops current, innovative designs. We work with you to experiment. test. and refine the design and look you want for your product. Our team will give your product the visual appeal that will make a difference when it is brought to market. Functionality is as important as an eye-catching design and is always an integral part of our planning.

Our broad experience and knowledge provide exciting, engaging designs that convey your message and tell the story you want your audience to experience.

MPSNA’s design team monitors a project throughout the production process to ensure the layouts, photography, imaging, composition, and content provide a final product that is true to the design concept.

Media Asset Development

The media asset development team works closely with our design team to create excellent animations, illustrations, maps, and gifs to enhance the learning experience. The team is also experienced in selecting and modifying existing assets that optimize current needs.

Quality Control and Assurance

MPS North America’s dedicated domestic quality assurance team ensures that our client’s quality expectations are met. As part of the digital and print production workflow, our quality control process consists of two reviews at each pass for every page. A simultaneous review is conducted during the course of production, and an additional post-production review is performed by our experienced domestic team.

The results of these reviews are analyzed on an ongoing basis and implemented to continuously improve our internal training, production, and control processes.

Engaging and Interactive Learning Products

Our technical team collaborates with our interactive content design team to develop learning platforms, apps, games, animations, and interactive eBooks. The team can build new products from scratch or redevelop existing ones for additional functionality or delivery across a wider range of devices.

We also provide UI-UX visual design, test and assessment design, and content repurposing services.
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Portfolio of Solutions – Higher Ed and Professional Development


MPS incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary, MPS North America LLC, in USA in May 2013. MPS North America has made 3 acquisitions in the content creation and development space in the last 2 years – Element LLC, Electronic Publishing Services Inc., and TSI Evolve Inc.These acquisitions have been neatly integrated into the global operations and work closely with our clients to develop market-leading products across publishing markets.

Content Creation through Delivery

MPS offers our clients an integrated end-to-end content creation and development solution for higher education and professional learning. We are built to manage content from creation through delivery. Our team creates, develops, designs, and produces content that is well conceived, organized, current, and accurate. MPS understands the needs of the evolving education and professional learning market and delivers content that translates to our clients’ custom publishing and digital platforms, while also addressing their needs for engaging, student-centered print products.

From Authoring to Development

We provide a range of content creation and development services that are customized to the specific needs of our clients. Our diverse and extensive pool of subject matter experts and instructional designers bring their curriculum and classroom expertise to projects across a variety of disciplines—from science, to nursing, to accounting, to English. Depending on the needs of the project, our experts can author learning modules, create test banks, write alternate text compliant with disability needs, develop engaging interactive activities, and determine learning objectives and course outcomes. Not only do we create content, but we also partner with our clients to develop programs, providing project management of the production process, copyediting, accuracy checking, page proof review, and author management. Our content creation and development services include:

  • Determining Course and Learning Objectives
  • Authoring of Core and Supplemental Content
  • Development of Interactive and Multimedia Activities
  • Incorporation of Instructional Scaffolding to Enhance Adaptive Learning
  • Assessment and Test Bank Creation
  • Copyediting and Proofing of Web-based Products
  • Editing Video Scripts and Core Text Consistency
  • Content Coding for Custom Publishing, Multi-Platform Delivery, and ADA Compliance
  • Print Product Accuracy Checking
  • QC and Proofreading of Print and E-Products

We have a history of successful product development collaboration with every major educational publisher in North America. Our talented in-house staff is adept in scaling and managing development resources to effectively meet the quality, schedule, and budget goals our clients have established. Our experienced staff understands the complexities associated with large-scale, multicomponent programs and has extensive experience managing and, when applicable, merging new and legacy content. We work closely with our clients to identify potential issues in a timely manner and provide quick solutions.

MPS North America knows 
nothing happens in a vacuum. Our services, available separately or packaged, have been fine-tuned through years of product development. Interdepartmental communication and a well-developed feedback loop allow us to spot and resolve issues before they become problems. We take pride in offering creative solutions, especially when meeting tight schedules and budgets.

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