Macmillan to ADI

Macmillan, a large, UK-based publishing company founded in 1843, came to India in 1892. Macmillan India started off as a purely domestic publishing business and soon became synonymous with quality educational books. Over the course of its century in India, Macmillan published some of the country’s greatest authors, including Rabindranath Tagore; addressed the needs of local-language educational publishing; and published popular modern writing, including Shiv Khera’s best-selling “You Can Win.”

In 1976, Harold Macmillan, the former British prime minister, inaugurated the company’s new publishing services division in Bangalore. This division, long known as the “Information Processing Division,” offered high-quality editorial and production services to international book and journal publishers. Responding to the growth of the Internet as a medium for content consumption, the company began, in 2004, to address the high-end technology and digital-publishing needs of publishers through a wholly-owned subsidiary, MPS Technologies.

In a rapidly changing market environment that offered enormous opportunities for growth, there was a need to establish a new strategy to enable each aspect of the business to realize its maximum potential. The company underwent a demerger process to form MPS Ltd. and Macmillan Publishers India Ltd. The former focuses on the publishing technology and services business and the latter, on domestic publishing activities.

ADI BPO has now purchased Macmillan’s stake in MPS and has management control of the company.

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